Comics Plus App FAQs

Comics Plus App FAQs

The LibraryPass app is being rebranded! 

We're officially renaming the LibraryPass apps for iOS and Android to Comics Plus later this month!
Use the information below to prepare for the change!

Does Comics Plus Have an App?

Yes! We have an iOS and an Android app. 

Where Can I download the Comics Plus App? 

Through the Apple Store and Google Play Store. 

Our website is mobile friendly, so you can access your Comics Plus account on your phone or tablet through the website as well.

Where can I find digital assets to help promote the app? 

How do I log into the app?

1. Download the app from one of the stores listed above
2. Search for your school or library
3. Follow the on screen prompts
Once you are logged into the app, you will not need to log in again until you log out. 

How do I find titles on the app?

You can discover titles in many ways! 

Use the Search Option to find specific titles

How do I read titles on the app? 

Click on a title you want to read and select "Read Now" to start reading! 

Can I read titles offline? 

Yes! The Comics Plus App allows for downloading titles to read offline. 

What does the App Logo look like? 

Comics Plus App

Click the image below to download the logo for the Comics Plus App. 

The Comics Plus app was formerly called "LibraryPass" with the below logo. 
Icon image

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