How To Contact Comics Plus

How To Contact Comics Plus

There are several convenient ways to contact Comics Plus!

Submit a Ticket:

If you have any technology issues with your account, the website or the app you can "Submit a Ticket". This will send your issue straight to our Customer Success department where we can address your issue right away. There are a couple ways to submit a ticket, see the options below.
If you need help submitting a ticket click here: How Do I Submit A Ticket?

Option A: Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click "Submit Ticket" 


Option B: Click "Sign-In" on the tab above. Then click "My Area" and click "Add ticket"


You can send an email to the email address above. This will also send your issue straight to our Customer Success department where we can address your issue right away. 

Phone(512) 400-4318

You can call us directly and a member of our Customer Support team will answer or return your call as soon as possible.
HELPFUL HINT: If you leave a message make sure to leave your full name, the name of the account (school or library name), what you need assistance with and a good phone number to reach you at. 

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