How To Read the Usage Statistics Report

How To Read the Usage Statistics Report

Once on your Comics Plus User Admin Portal, click on "Institution Reports".

Next to "Activity" there is a drop-down menu. This menu allows you to select the time range you would like to view (i.e. last 30 days, this year, last year, custom range, etc.)

The "Export to .CSV" tab allows you to export this information into an editable document like excel. 

Each column tells you different information about each checkout made by your patron/student.

Date: The date and time of the checkout

Product name: The comic/graphic novel checked out

InstitutionThe library/school the checkout was made from (helpful if you have multiple libraries)

Content Rating: Age rating for the checkout (i.e. 5+, 9+ etc.)

UserThe anonymous username of the account that made the checkout

(You can track usage of individual titles to see what’s circulating the most—useful data to develop more relevant programming and identify potential acquisitions for your physical collection—but your students’ and patrons’ individual browsing and reading preferences always remain private.

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