How To Submit A Ticket

How To Submit A Ticket

Submit a Ticket: 

If you have any technology issues with your account, the website or the app you can "Submit a Ticket". This will send your issue straight to our Customer Success department where we can address your issue right away. There are a couple ways to submit a ticket, see the options below. 

Option A: Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click "Submit Ticket" 


Option B: Click "Sign-In" on the tab above. Then click "My Area" and click "Add ticket"

Completing the "Submit a ticket" fields:

Department: Scroll down and select "School and Library Support". This will tell our support team that you represent one of the schools or libraries using Comics Plus. This will also take you to a new page. 


Subject: This should include the issue you are having, the name of the school/library you represent and the state the school/library is in.

Example - Sign in screen down, American Middle FL.

Description: Be a specific as you can in this field. The more information the more likely our team will be able to address the issue quickly and effectively.

INFORMATION THAT IS VERY HELPFUL: How are you accessing the product (type of device, browser, internet connection), What are you trying to do when you encounter the issue (login, checkout, preview, etc.), Who is encountering the issue (you, student/patron, username) What specifically is the issue (can't login, cant find checked out material, etc.) and how long have you or your patron/student been encountering this issue (hours, days, not sure etc.).
Example: One of my students is accessing their Comics Plus account on their phone, their username is stingrayfan22. They are using an Android phone and accessing the site through the Safari browser. They are not connected to Wifi. When they click log-in the receive an error stating: Page Not Found. This has been happening for about 2 hours. 

Department: Should say "School and Library Support"

Product Name: This indicates which of our products you are having trouble with. You can type the name of the product on the line and then select the appropriate product from the drop down. 

Example: Comics Plus.

Additional Information: This allows you to tag your issue with a specific category. This allows our support team to stream line your issue to find a quick and effective solution. 

Example: An issue with logging into an account and receiving an error page would be classified as "Problem".

The option to Submit a Ticket is only available to our School and Library Account Administrators. Students and patrons can not submit tickets. 

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