Managing your Comics Plus Collection

Managing your Comics Plus Collection

How to Access your Comics Plus Collection

1. Go to the Comics Plus User Admin Portal:
2. Type in your username and password.

Don't know what your username and password are? Contact and we will get you this information right away!

Discovering Titles in your Collection 

The "My Collection" area of your Admin Portal allows you to easily discover and curate your Comics Plus collection. Read below to gain a deeper insight into how to best leverage this area. 

Once logged in your Admin Portal, navigate to "My Collection" through the pane on the left side of your screen. 

You can Filter and Search through your collection, as well as Disable/Enable titles (individually or through Bulk Select) and Export your selection into an excel document. 


You can filter through all titles you subscribe to in your collection by: Status, Age, Language Publishers, Categories, and/or Release Date (added to Comics Plus). Once you set a filter, you will only see titles relevant to that filter. You can set multiple filters at a time. 

Status - You can filter for "Enabled" or "Disabled" titles. When neither are selected you are viewing both Enabled and Disabled titles. 

Age - You can filter through titles in specific Age categories - i.e. Children, Kids, etc. 

Language - you can filter for titles in different languages

Publishers - You can filter by Publisher of a title

Categories - You can filter by a Category

Release Date - Release Date refers to the date a title was added to Comics Plus. To filter for titles based on when they were added to your Comics Plus collection, add this filter and indicate the date in reference. For Example: f you want to see everything added the last 2 weeks, simply select "Just Released in the last 14 days".  

To remove a filter, simply click the "x" on the filter 

You can search by title, writer or author of a title. If you have filters selected, your search will only populate titles within your filtered parameters. 


You can export your collection and selections within your collection to allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your collection. 

Export Full Collection 

To export your full collection, simply click "Export" in the top right. Without any filters this will export your full collection. 

Export Selected Titles

To export a cross section of titles, use the search and filter tools listed above to narrow down your collection. Once you have narrowed down your selection, simply click "Export" in the top right. Only the titles that appear with your filters will be exported. 

Export Active Titles

To export active titles, in your filters choose "Status" and "Enabled". This filters you collection to only your enabled titles and removes all disabled titles. Once you have narrowed down your selection, simply click "Export" in the top right. Only the titles that appear with your filters will be exported. 

Curate Your Collection

Disable/Enable an Individual Title

Use the filter and search options discussed above to locate the title you would like to disable. In the "Status" column, locate the toggle switch that corresponds with your selected title. Click the toggle to change the status of the title.

A Green Toggle indicates an Enabled Title
 A Red Toggle Indicates a Disabled Title 

Disable/Enable Titles in Bulk

To select multiple titles at a time at least one filter must be selected. Once you have narrowed down your collection to the titles you want to select, click the "select all" box. 

You will see a message clarifying whether or not you want to select "ALL" the titles that meet your selection OR just those that appear on the screen. Make your selection.

A dropdown will appear where you can choose to Enable or Disable the selected titles.

Choose the appropriate status and click "Update Status". You will see an alert ensuring you want to move forward. Click "proceed" or "cancel". You will then see a notification indicating the change was made successfully. You will also see the status column on the titles changing to the selected status. 

Disable an Entire Category

 To disable an entire category, please contact support at Please note this will remove all titles from your collection that are tagged with the selected category. 

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