Comics Choice Board

Comics Choice Board


This CHOICE BOARD is a fun, approachable learning tool that encourages readers to dive in and discover titles they have unlimited access to. It encourages exploration through guided discovery and ensures your readers are exposed to a wide variety of interesting and engaging content. This activity board is fully customizable - giving you the freedom to create a specialized learning experience for your readers. 

Fully customizable or ready to go as is. Download the Choice board and get your readers engaging with their Comics Plus access today!

Learning Outcomes 

• Introduce and familiarize readers with Comics Plus
• Strengthen self-navigation through library resources 
• Customize by topic to incentivize readers to explore new subjects and concepts 

Suggested Ages 

Customizable for all ages, reading and interest levels. 

How To Play 

• Participants should complete any 5-7 squares/choice activities. On the lines below, they will write the prompt they chose and their finding. The back of the page can be used for drawings and additional writing.

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