Comics Plus Catalog Integrations

Comics Plus Catalog Integrations

We have several integration options available to you! 
Look through the TABLE OF CONTENTS above to go directly to a specific Integration, or scroll through the list below. 

Either way, we are here to help you decide which integration is best for you and your patrons. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team by submitting a ticket, we are  always here to help!
Understand the Information Bar Connected to each Integration Option
Each integration option has an information bar indicating the "Cost" and "Where to Start"
  1. Cost: There can be a cost associated with integrations, this isn't always established by LibraryPass and may be a fee from a 3rd party vendor
  2. Where to Start: Here you can find where/or who you need to contact to get started with this integration 

MARC Records

Cost: FREE | Where to Start: User Admin Portal

LibraryPass provides MARC records to customers FREE of cost! You can access them directly at any time in your User Admin Portal. LibraryPass provides the option for "Full Record" pull as well as "Update Record" pull - at any time! See an example of a live MARC record below. 

FAQs & How To's for Comics Plus MARC Records

External API

Cost: Free | Where to Start: Contact Support
LibraryPass provides External API access to any library with this capability. Simply submit a Support ticket by clicking the button at the bottom of this screen. 


Cost: $$$ | Where to Start: Contact Your SirsiDynx Representative

SirsiDynix Logo - Renew Your Curiosity
LibraryPass has partnered with SirsiDynx to provide direct integration into your existing catalog! To get started contact your SirsiDynx representative to obtain pricing and next steps for set up. 

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