Mental Health Matters Programming Package - Elementary School Collection

Mental Health Matters Programming Package - Elementary School Collection

Welcome to our Programming Packages!
We have curated a list of titles and created marketing materials and activities to help promote and get the most out of the titles in your Comics Plus Collection!

At their best, the people we meet and places we visit in comics can help young readers develop empathy for themselves and others by providing immersive perspectives of relatable experiences, or introducing them to new perspectives. To help your patrons facilitate healthy connections, we’ve developed this new programming packages featuring resources and specific title recommendations for the Children's Library Collection.

Introduction & Book Talk with Moni Barrette 

Join our librarian as she discusses the importance of this curated list and highlights a few titles for your patrons will love!

Articles & Curated Lists

Below you will find curated lists and their corresponding articles to allow you take an even deeper dive into these titles!



Introducing Mini Lists! These are segmented lists that focus even deeper into the main list(s). ENJOY! 

This mini-list was curated to be a handy and impactful teaching tool that aligns with our Mental Health Matters packages. It features a mix of titles perfect for leisure reading and curricular alignment, presenting difficult topics in accessible stories for students to engage with, enjoy, and realize they are not alone.

Programming Resources

Use the programming resources and ideas below to engage your readers in Graphic Medicine and Social & Emotional Learning!
Click the image or link to download the resource. 

Book Club Resources

Book Report Template

Reading Challenge

Comics BINGO!

Marketing Tools

Click the images and links below to download and use these images to bring awareness and attention to start promoting your Graphic Medicine and Social & Emotional Learning titles!
Some suggestions for use: 1. Social Media Posts 2. Your Library website 3. Any digital materials or communication you send out 4. Any physical materials you print out!

Social Media Ready Posts

Click on the images below to download and post directly to social media! A great way to promote your Graphic Medicine and Social & Emotional Learning titles!


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