Pricing & Access FAQs

Pricing & Access FAQs

How much does ComicsPlus cost?

Comics Plus pricing varies by the size of a school system, or population served by a public library. Please email your school or library information and which collection you're interested in to Use the subject line: 'Comics Plus' Pricing Inquiry

How many titles are included with my subscription?

The full ComicsPlus collection has over 20,000 titles! Your age categories your subscribe to will determine the number of titles you have access to. Our collection is growing everyday!

Is there a checkout limit?

ComicsPlus is truly simultaneous use and multi access! This means you have no checkout limits, no holds and no wait times! 

Is there a limit to how many users we can have?

There is no limit to the number of users a school or library can have.

What type of Authentications are offered?

How can I be sure my students/patrons only see age appropriate material?

Our age categories strictly align to our AGE GUIDELINES.
However, you still have FULL CONTROL over what is available to your students/patrons. 

For more information contact:

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