Curation FAQs

Curation FAQs

Curate your Library/School's Comics Plus Catalog!

Decide what titles your patrons/students have access to!


How do I remove titles from my Library/School's Comics Plus catalog?

How long before changes are reflected in my catalog?

Changes can take anywhere from 1 - 2 hours to reflect on your site. 

How many titles can I remove?

As many as you would like!

Who will be affected by the titles I remove?

All users of your Library/School will see the changes you have made. If your School/Library has more than one URL/Institution, you will need to make changes on all URLs/institutions individually. Only your users will see the changes you have made, your users will not see any changes made by other Libraries/Schools. 

How do I remove an entire category from my catalog?

Once you Disable all titles within a category it will disappear from your site

How do I remove an individual publisher from my catalog?

Once you Disable all titles from a publisher it will disappear from your site

How do I challenge the placement of a title?

  1. Submit a ticket! Click HERE to Submit a Ticket! 
  2. Under "Help Topic" choose: "Content Question"
  3. For "Type of Request" choose: "Review Age Rating"
  4. Complete the form and we will get back to you with a response/resolution asap!

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