Progress Reader FAQs

Progress Reader FAQs

What is the Progress Tracking Feature?

Your Patrons can see how far they are into a title, pick up where they left off reading and sort their titles by - Completed, In Progress, Unread, and All. 

What is the Reader Experience like using the Progress Tracking Feature?

How Do I Continue to Read a Title?

How Do I Disable or Enable the Progress Tracking Feature?

Under the Settings tab in your Admin Portal, you have the ability to turn the Progress Tracking feature on and off. This will disable the progress and bar on the cover and the place holder within the title. 


  1. Log into your Admin Portal 
  2. Go to "Settings" 
  3. Deselect the "Show Reader Progress" box
  4. Click "Save" 


  1. Log into your Admin Portal 
  2. Go to "Settings" 
  3. Select the "Show Reader Progress" box
  4. Click "Save" 

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